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How to Make Basic Spandex Gloves

Custom gloves can go a long way to really finishing a costume. This tutorial shows you how to easily make basic gloves for cosplay and dance.
Prep Time10 mins
Active Time20 mins
Total Time30 mins
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Yield: 1 Pair of gloves
Cost: $10


  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors
  • A pen or marker


  • Exam Table Paper
  • Spandex


Make Your “Pattern”

  • Decide on your glove design. How high will it go up your arm? Is it fitted the whole way up, or does it flare out near the top?
  • Any cuffs or other ornamentation involved?
  • With your fingers spread out, make a tracing of your hand and arm onto paper or - ideally - medical exam table paper.
  • Make a note on this tracing about where your elbow is, if the sleeves are longer than elbow length - it’ll be a good point of reference when proceeding.
  • When tracing, keep your pen perpendicular to the sheet of paper, using the widest areas of your arm/ hand as the outer guide.
  • That is, while you COULD tilt your pen to follow your arm closer to the point where it rests on the paper, you really want to use the outermost curve of your arm as the tracing guide.
  • At the top opening of your pattern (furthest point from the fingers), make any adjustments you need to.
  • I like to measure around my arm at this point as well as around the elbow, and adjust the pattern to be about ½ of those measurements, at those points on the pattern. Just freehand it - spandex is very forgiving!
  • If your pattern is to flare out at the top, adjust your pattern to be ½ of the desired final opening measurement, at the point of the opening on the pattern.

Mark It Out!

  • When you are happy with your pattern, cut it out. If your fabric isn’t the best in terms of stretch, add ¼" - ½" seam allowance the whole way around. (Use proper 4 way stretch fabric unless you absolutely don’t have the option!)
  • Lay out your glove fabric, folded with right sides facing each other. Lay out your pattern piece on the fabric, and trace the pattern out onto your fabric.
  • Make sure that your tracing is dark enough for you to see, but not dark enough that you’ll regret it later.
  • Pencil, pen, dressmaker’s chalk - whichever works best for you, and the type of fabric you are working with... just take care not to stretch the fabric out of shape as you trace!
  • Pin the two pieces of fabric together. Unless you’re using PVC, you can be VERY liberal with the use of pins. If using PVC, just pin on the OUTSIDE of your pattern piece.
  • Repeat all of this for the second glove.

Assemble The Spandex Gloves

  • Sew the two pieces of fabric together, right along your transferred pattern line.
  • Remember the basic principles of sewing spandex as you do this - stretch and hold! (See my post on How to Sew Spandex with or Without a Serger to get the technique down!)

Cut out your gloves.

  • Finish the edges with a narrow zig zag stitch. (Serger can be a pain to deal with, when it comes to fingers!)
  • Hem the top edge of your gloves, as desired.