Spandex Simplified Sewing Manuals
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What other books will you be putting out?
A. I am finished the process of revising and updating several of my previously published books, and am on to releasing completely new titles. My unreleased earlier manual on sewing synchro swimsuits was fully overhauled and released as "Synchro Swimwear" in 2012, as my first new-generation sewing manual. "Sewing for Skaters, and "The Skating Dress Style Book" were updated and combined into "Sewing for Skaters", which also came out in 2012.

Next, the "Gymnasts" of "Sewing for Skaters and Gymnasts and Dancers... Oh My! " was expanded on to become its own book, "Sewing for Gymnasts", in May of 2013. My earlier "The Bikini Book" was overhauled, expanded upon, and combined with elements from "Sewing for Gymnasts" to become "Fitness & Bodybuilding", which came out a few months later.

Many of the techniques used in all of the new manuals were combined and expanded on to create "Sewing for Superheroes", which came out on November 1, 2013.

I combined "Swimwear Simplified" and "The Bikini Book" into one book, and overhauled / updated it as a comprehensive manual to sewing one AND two piece swimwear. "Custom Swimwear" is set for a release date in April, 2014.

My final planned spandex sewing manual will be for dancewear, set to come out in early 2019.

Beyond these titles, I plan to write a *MONSTER* of a manual on designing and sewing bridal/formalwear. That one will likely come out in 2020-2021.

Q. Will these books be any different than the original versions?
With the update comes a change in format - now perfect bound, rather than plastic comb. Improvements in desktop publishing software/availability over the past decade means that it's time to overhaul the quality of the book. My chicken scratch sketches - while they were useful back then - are being replaced with digital sketches and many photographs, all in full color. The covers will be glossy and full color, and they're being printed and distributed by traditional channels - no longer as photocopied manuals!

Q. Why haven't I been able to find your original "Sewing for Skaters and Gymnasts and Dancers... Oh My!" book?
"Sewing for Skaters and Gymnasts and Dancers... Oh My! " - along with the other original manuals - were originally done as very niche, very small market publications. When I got burned out on sewing, I discontinued them so I could just move on. Because they weren't part of a traditional distribution channel... that was that.

Q. What is the deal with the giant moose?
A. The moose was one of many that were decorated and scattered around Toronto that year. As part of a promotional campaign with a synchro club, I made a gigantic swimsuit for it, in an attempt to gain a Guinness World Record out of it. Unfortunately, they denied it on a technicality: It being fit to a moose's shape, rather than a human's! Boo.